Education commissioner emphasizes significance of college



Education commissioner emphasizes significance of college

Parents have actually been urged to make every effort to take their children to schools, because no country can ever develop satisfactorily without education.

The Commissioner Private Schools and Institutions in the Ministry of Education Science, Technology and Sports, Robinson Nsumba-Lyazi made the emphasis over the weekend. Lyazi was speaking at a graduation ceremony held by the Uganda YMCA in honor of Dr Herbert Mukasa in Kampala to congratulate him upon achieving a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce (Business Management) Adrafinil .

DrMukasa, who is the Principal of the Uganda YMCA Comprehensive Institute, achieved his doctorate from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), Port Elizabeth - South Africa last April.


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Civics Education IRL: One Day on the Project Trail with a Few Maryland High School Volunteers

Teenagers, particularly those of the Millennial generation, often get a bad rap for being uninformed about the world beyond their high school walls or their mobile phone screens and lazy about trying to change things.

Difficult numbers aren’t available, but at least some teenagers, motivated by their own futures, commitment to specific prospects or causes, or perhaps just an inherent love of politics, are volunteering as part of the 2016 presidential election.

The 74 spent the day with 2 of that types who volunteered throughout the April 26 primaries in Maryland: Celia Hoffman, 16, who went door-to-door for Hillary Clinton, and Anthony Ipina, also 16, who campaigned for Republicans farther down the ballot.


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Khairy: Public perception of employment education has actually enhanced


The perception to technical and occupation education and training (TVET) in Malaysia has improved over the past few years, and is no longer seen as a "last alternative" in profession choices, states Khairy Jamaluddin. The Youth and Sports Minister said the public has actually grown to understand the capacity of TVET due to its importance to a developing country and its high employability level.

"In combination with the 2010 National Youth Day, the Malaysian Youth Council released the 1Youth 1Skill (1B1K) program to assist youths get involved in abilities training programmed and choose TVET as a career option. "At that time, society's understanding was that TVET is just for those who didn't complete Form Five, those who were expelled from school or those who have been sent out for juvenile rehab.

"But today, the public have actually changed their state of mind to TVET. They do not see it as a 2nd or last alternative in one's career option.


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